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This blog is all about being a mother. From joyful moments and all the laughter and giggles and to the challenges and struggles. I may sound corny if I call it “a wonderful and yet humbling journey of motherhood,” but it best describes the days of my life that I am living now. And I am thrilled that you are out there reading this and exploring this adventure together!

To give you the story behind the name Cheerie Tomato, it was my first boy’s nickname when he was a baby, when he had a hair that remarkably defied gravity and grew upward, pointing to the sky until he was one. As he is such a joyful spirit with infectious laughter, his adoring aunt gave him this nickname, “cheery tomato.” 

The reason why I like this nickname so much is that whenever I hear this name, it always takes me back to the days when he was my little baby and when we cherished every little thing he did and said. He is now growing into a big boy aged over 3 years old, and it’s a good reminder of his happy, jolly soul and how he has brought unparalleled joy to my life. And that these young days will never come back again. So I can say this nickname actually made me start this blog to cherish each moment and relish their childhood with them before it slips away.

Here at Cheerie Tomato, we discover the power of play by sharing play ideas, what it means and what it takes to raise and education children, and how to support growth and development of our children and ourselves. With personal experiences, practical tips, and heartfelt insights, I hope to enjoy the ups and downs of motherhood together, always with our focus on relishing the present and creating meaningful connections with our precious ones.

So, grab a cup of tea (or coffee, whichever you prefer) and join me on this remarkable adventure. Let’s celebrate the joy of motherhood, find inspiration in the everyday, and create lasting memories with our children. Together, we’ll embrace the beauty of being mums and create a community that uplifts, supports, and cherishes every moment along the way.

With love and gratitude,